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Tommy the Turtle's Sing Along Cruise

Quick Details

Karaoke in the City

Picture yourself singing in your car. There’s nothing holding you back and your voice is bursting with freedom and expression. Now amplify that thought. You’re in the greatest party bus in Colorado belting out your favorite tunes into professional microphones.

You and your fellow partiers are getting lost in the music while having the time of your life. You feel like you’re a rockstar starring in your own music video on the most unique and boisterous set. Introducing Keegan’s Cruisin’ Karaoke!

  • Colorado’s only mobile bar serving beer and cocktails until 2 a.m.
  • Over 300 autotune effects (so you can always sound your best).
  • Professional microphones and surround sound.
  • Plenty of room to socialize and party with your friends.
  • Dance floor with perimeter seating, dancing pole and mood lighting.
  • Access to Spotify Premium and Bluetooth connectivity.

Turtle Bus appreciates your interest. Remember, we are the most unique transportation option found in Colorado boasting music, dancing, mingling in a fun atmosphere and the only mobile bar in Colorado! Experience the best that will leave you and your friends with truly unforgettable memories!

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