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Us vs. Them

Why should you Turtle?  Well, Turtle’ing is more than just a ride! It’s Transpertainment! It’s how you end a great day!  TURTLE IS LIFE! That being said, let’s explore why Turtle Bus is special.

No other bus company, that we know of, has the kind of fun we offer. We have a mobile bar for your party’s needs.  Turtle has the only mobile bar in Colorado for the last 14 years.  Our bar is unique … if your desire is to have a hosted bar our Turtle bar is the place.  The Turtle does offer drinks at a very affordable price with a bartender with personality and charm.  Have a special drink?  Just let us know.  The Turtle is here to make your adventure with us special.

The Turtle bus has lots of room … places to sit to places to move around.  The Turtle atmosphere is  to promote fun … a place to mingle among friends … a place to head to the bar, and a place to dance on the dance floor.  Only on the Turtle Bus.

We have music on board that you can choose.  We can set up a playlist or you can hook up your Bluetooth device and DJ on your own terms.

Turtle employees are super unique.  Our drivers are outgoing and safe on the road as slow and steady is the motto.  Our bartenders facilitate fun for guests to enjoy super time while making sure each guest doesn’t go too far in having lots of fun.

Why would you go with ordinary when you can go with the company that starts the party when you step into our Turtle Bus.

Come Turtle with us!

Just compare:


a group of people standing around a table

a group of people sitting at a table


a group of people posing for the camera

a group of people sitting at a train station

a group of people sitting at a train station

a group of people sitting at a train station

How do you want to party?

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