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Denver Round Trip transport and entertainment

Quick Details

Denver Group Experience


What is a Group Experience?

Want to hop around to multiple places in the city with all your friends? The Group Experience is designed to drive around the city to bar hop, site-see, or simply get to multiple locations at the best price point while enjoying the bar, music, and views! The Group Experience is the best hop-on, hop-off transport and entertainment in Denver!

Prefer to cruise with no destination or stops in mind? Our Land Cruise Experience is a better booking option for you. 


How Does it Work?

  1. The Turtle Team will pick you up at a location of your choice, including right from your front door. Your personal bartender will be ready to accept individual drink orders as soon as you walk on. (NOTE: These rides are not BYOB and Valid IDs will need to be shown).
  2. We will snag your group after you’re finished and drop you off at any location of your choosing, even if it’s the same as your original pick up location, or just the pub down the street.
  3. You will designate a pickup time and place for your safe return home.
  4. Looking for a moving bar crawl or a party with a ride between stops? Want to pick a few stops along the way? We can adjust the price to include a route within the timeframe that keeps the bus on standby!


Who’s coming for the ride?:

It is important to know your group size before booking a bus so we can choose the grooviest ride for you and your crew!

There is a 15 person minimum. If you have a smaller group, we can work together, but our buses are designed for large groups with a real party in mind! We are not your typical small backyard party bus.

Price will vary based on number of guests, mileage and amount of time devoted to your event. For a quote, fill out a reservation request and our team will get back to you shortly! No charges will be made until the day of your event.

This service is available in Denver & Boulder.


Snacks Anyone?

Ask about our wood-fired pizza for the late-night munchies!