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Meet Our Team!


a large brown dog standing next to a body of water

Rosanna is our family dog and team greeter! She is the queen of fetch and lives with her human, Shane. The Turtle Team is at her every mercy. Rosanna loves to cruise on the Turtle Bus in her free time. Rosanna is 100% Good Girl .


a person wearing sunglasses taking a selfie

This is Rosanna’s human, Shane. He is the owner/operator of Turtle Bus. Shane has single-handedly created the BEST work environment paired with the greatest bus experience for our riders! Shane Rocks!


a man wearing sunglasses posing for the camera

Cam is our longest Turtle Team Crew member, beginning his journey in 2015! Cam holds down the Vail Turtle Fam, but if you’d be so lucky, you could catch him in Denver too. When the going gets tough, Cam gets going.


a man standing in front of a bus
Hayden is one of our drivers and the official Facilitator of FUN! He’s a long-time employee and a staple on the Turtle Team.


Max is our trusty Turtle Bus mechanic! He isn’t afraid to get his hands dirty to keep our fleet running smoothly! We love Max.


a man wearing a hat and smiling at the camera

Vito is one of drivers. Vito loves electronic music and getting down to boogie. If you’re riding with Vito, make sure to bring the noise!


Kristen is one of our amazing bartenders, and marketing manager for the Turtle Bus. She loves electronic music and LOVES getting down and dancing with all the Turtle Bus riders!


You can find Casey slingin’ pizzas, servin’ beverages, or chatting up a storm! You’ll find him floating between Denver and Vail, or maybe even floating the river in Dotsero.



a man sitting on a table

These Turtle fleets don’t Tiki-fy themselves! Jack is our design and interior coordinator who keeps our buses looking slick and feeling comfortable. Jack is the feng shui master.


a man wearing a hat

Quinn is our Denver/Red Rocks driver. Quinn rocks a mustache and likes the Red Hot Chili Peppers and house music.


Paul is one of our drivers. He rocks a sweet hairstyle and brings all the good vibes!


a baseball player holding a bat

Justin is our Logistics Manager aka “Lojustics” Manager. Here you will find yet another Turtle Teammate rocking a mustache. Fan-tash-tic.


a little girl standing in a room

Emma is one of our fantastic bartenders, and also an administrator at the Turtle Bus. She is fun and keeps the Turtle Bus company running smoothly for the whole team!


Cameron is one of our bartenders. He is chill yet suave and aspires to one day get a tattoo of a carrot wearing sunglasses.