The Minturn Mile

Quick Details


One of the Most Famous “Out-of-Bounds” Ski Runs in the World

One of the most famous “off-piste” or “out-of-bounds” ski runs in the world, the Minturn Mile is accessed from the top of chairs 3 or 7 on Vail Mountain and then by taking the out of bounds access gate at the top of the turn on the Lost Boy trail.

Because the Minturn Mile is essentially an old game trail, it is fairly narrow in spots so an ability level of upper intermediate or better is suggested to enjoy the experience.

Also, keep in mind that the trail is not patrolled and that anyone skiing or boarding the terrain should be prepared with the proper backcountry equipment, tools, and accessories.

What to Expect

  • Following the completion of the Minturn Mile, locals tend to migrate to the Minturn Saloon to après and celebrate their milestone. Taking the Turtle Bus is a great way for the group to get home safely after enjoying their libations.
  • Seven-person minimum.
  • Maximum two drop-off locations for your party.
  • *$10 per person, one way.

*Additional rates may apply depending on location