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Land Cruise Experience

Quick Details

Land Cruise Experience


What is a Land Cruise Anyway?

While the Turtle Bus is perfect for getting you to an event or destination, sometimes we think the best part is simply the journey! Our Land Cruise is designed for you and your friends to drive around the city enjoying the bar, music, and views with no destination in mind!

Prefer to have two or more stops along the way? Our Group Experience is a better booking option for you. 

Here is a break down of our time options:

  • One Hour!
  • Two Hour includes a restroom stop!
  • Three Hour is one hour on, one hour off at a destination of your choosing, and one hour back on the bus!


How Does it Work?

  1. The Turtle Team will pick you up at a location of your choice, including right from your front door. Your driver will contact you directly on the day of your trip to confirm details.
  2. You and your crew will hang out on the bus for as long as you request! Most of our Turtle riders choose a 2-Hour window
  3. We drop you off at any location of your choosing, even if it’s the same as your original pick up location, or just the pub down the street.


Who’s coming for the ride?:

It is important to know your group size before booking a bus so we can choose the grooviest ride for you and your crew!

Price will vary based on number of guests, mileage and amount of time devoted to your event. For a quote, fill out a reservation request and our team will get back to you shortly! No charges will be made until the day of your event.

This service is available in Denver & Boulder at a flat rate based on group size.


Snacks Anyone?

Ask about our wood-fired pizza for the late-night munchies!